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Herbal Erect - Extra Strength

Good product

It work led very well


didn't last as long as i thought it would

Nothing better

Nothing works for me like this does,love it

Awesome Product

Works better than I thought without any side effects. Unlock your potential…

Trying to put the fire out but no water

It works very good, but takes too long for release of semen

it works

totally satisfied with this product.



Works as promise

I have ordered before and have not disappointed in the results


Great product.

Thank God I have found a good natural solution

Funnest Lollipop I’ve Ever Sucked On!!!!

I had never heard of practice candy before Saturday, curiosity got the better of me and I went over to the pop up tent set up at winter party over at oasis in Wynwood. Let me just say I didn’t know what I was expecting but I’m so glad I checked it out! After being greeted by the man in the tent ( I wish I got his name cause he was super helpful and attentive) I purchased the OMG! in blue raspberry and strawberry for one of my friends. The flavor is exquisite it’s not too tart or too sweet like other blue raspberry flavors, and it’s definitely so much fun to suck and lick on! I will definitely be ordering more once I finish the seven inch monster I purchased!

Side note: at first I didn’t think I needed a bag to be able to store my lollipop but after about 45 minutes to an hour I went back to the tent and asked for a bag, he graciously handed me one and asked if I enjoyed the flavor. He’s a super sweet guy I’m telling all of my friends to go and buy one cause they are so much fun to eat!!

Herbal Erect - Regular Strength

it works


The product works. Take as directed and get ready for a follow up invitation. Before this product, multiple orgasms were not an easy task, after taking it, I'm ready for round 2 and 3. It also lasts a few days in your system. I'm currently feeling the effects 7 days later.

Would give 5

Great product just too pricey to purchase the amount I’d like too

The stuff works!!

The stuff works! Also there are no side effect !

Never dissatisfied

Always does the job for me..and that's a win..

Herbal Erect

It works for me.

3 Pack Extra Strength [$11.75 each] - PRICE:
Henry Allen
Not sure

Not sure. The results are inconsistent. So I'm still testing

Herbal E Works Wonderfully

Personally, I call it Herbal E, because it also gives me ENERGY for my workout. It works well with no side effects that I've heard from those who use the blue pill and others. It wouldn't hurt you to also do what you can to be physically fit. Moderate exercise with Herbal E will take your intimate experience to another level.

Herbal Erect - Extra Strength


Great product

3 Pack Extra Strength [$11.75 each] - PRICE:
Sam Norris
Good Product

So far it been working pretty good, some times better then others, but it works, and it seem to have other good qualities for over all health. Will continue to use