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Based on 768 reviews

Its very good and works well on me,thanks

Mate de Cafe’

The herbs that makes my day !!!

Repeat customer for life

Love this product and wifey loves it more!


Great product!

Mr Mack

Great 👍

having fun in 808

awesome product wish i could get a discount

Great product

Best Yet

I have tried several different pills and teas to help me keep my wife happy .I turned 70 in March and have been married 48 years to the one woman.So when I tried your tea and must say it does what I need.I stay up from 15 to 45 minutes at a time.And I am very pleased with your product.


I've ordered this a couple times now and it works quite well. Quick response. Even taking half package the response is there.

Great product!!!!!

Wifey LOVES IT!!


Have been using for 2+ years.. Simply the BEST!!I

Very good

Regular did not work so i have now ordered extra strengh which has been ok in past.

Works very well, but takes time.

Herbal Erect, Extra Strength, works very well to encourage penal erection. However, I had to wait at least 4 hrs for the formula to kick in; but, when it did it came with a passion (no pun intended). My erection lasted most of the night and into the early morning. Had a slight headache but that was the only negative side effect. Thanks Herbal Erect. I wish your regular strength worked for me; but, it had no effect on my ability to summon an erection.

This Stuff Works

I use Herbal Erect when I want to make a statement in the bedroom. I drink it in the morning on an empty stomack and it stays in my system for at minimum 2 days. I feel the effects 30mins after I first drink it....It taste like coffee and I love coffee. Well worth the money.

Herbal Erect - Extra Strength

Herbal Erect - Extra Strength

Good product

It work led very well


didn't last as long as i thought it would

Nothing better

Nothing works for me like this does,love it

Awesome Product

Works better than I thought without any side effects. Unlock your potential…

Trying to put the fire out but no water

It works very good, but takes too long for release of semen

it works

totally satisfied with this product.



Works as promise

I have ordered before and have not disappointed in the results