NOTE:  Wholesale order of 50 or more may take 2-3 days to fulfill. 

PRODUCT EDUCATION: As a reseller we strongly encourage you to read every page our website so that you are knowledgeable about the product.

SELLING: There are several methods of sell the product.  We have no limits as to where and how you resell the product (i.e. internet, word of mouth, flyers, radio ads, door to door, etc.).  Adjust your pricing accordingly.  Sharing your personal experience with the product with your potential customer is a good way to make them comfortable and interested in the product.

GUARANTEES: Although the success rate is very high we do NOT claim our product is 100% guaranteed. (Maybe 97.5%).  It is better to say "Individual results may vary".  False claims will only hurt your sells and our brand.

STORAGE: Do not store them in a place that is hot and humid (for example your automobile, a bathroom, near a window or bathroom cabinet).  Herbal Erect is made from plants and keeping the products in a cool, dry place will help keep them from becoming less effective before the expiration date.  Store all products up and away, out of reach and sight of individuals under the age of 18.