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Herbal Erect is a sexual male enhancement instant drink for Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) made with several natural herbal ingredients. After consumption, the product can last within your system 24 hours to 72 hours depending on your body type.

Taken by thousands Herbal Erect has been found to give Harder Erections, Maximize Your Erection Potential, Improves Performance, Faster Recovery, Build Stamina, Short Rebounding, Greater Intensity, Improved Satisfaction, Prevents Premature Ejaculation and Give Greater Intensity.  By increasing libido and stamina you will have faster recovery to completely satisfy your partner in bed.  

The Extra Strength version is not intended for persons with "uncontrolled" high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, serious cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease. "Uncontrolled" means that your blood pressure levels are very abnormal with or without medication. Please consider using our Regular Strength product.

The list of Extra Strength ingredients are located on the back of the box image above and on our website on the main menu under "Ingredients".

Order contains six (6) individual serving 17 gram powder packets.

Customer Reviews

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Tim M

Product works great.Will keep on using

Joe Graham
Best product

Alls I can say is this product is awesome!! And no side affects.

gregory thames
Great STuff

working so sfar

Works Great!

I highly recommend this product, I’ve been using it for quite awhile now and it works every time. Sometimes I only do half a pack and even that works, just doesn’t last quite as long. Great product!

it works

Like the product and it lasts a few days....